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​​​NY Laser Aesthetics and Electrolysis 

Electrolysis Services

My goal as a medical technologist was to bring electrolysis services to the general public in a safe, clean environment at affordable prices. After 15 years experience in hospital microbiology laboratories, infection control was second nature to me. I wear gloves while working on clients using sterile disposable probes. Forceps are sterilized before and after use. I want to bring a health care professional's approach to electrology along with a sensitivity to a clients right to privacy. 

Electrology is safe, permanent and effectively destroys all hair whether its fine or coarse, blonde, gray or black.

My clients are treated respectfully in a private setting with one on one personal service. 

Women with PCO, women in menopause, young women during adolescence, women going on or off birth control pills, women post part em, women working with fertility specialists, all have special needs for hair removal.

Men with hair on the back and shoulders, ears and nose all can be treated even after they turn gray.

I have been serving the transgender community since the inception of my practice getting patient referrals from psychologists and endocrinologists. I am familiar with current surgical techniques used for SRS in order to meet the needs for pre surgical hair removal. Rates are reduced to meet the demanding  needs for those in the community.

I offer both blend galvanic and short wave thermolysis. I carry gold probes for those with nickle allergies, insulated probes for those that are especially heat sensitive and probes of varying diameters for narrower follicles. I carry L Max on site for those who may require topical anesthetic. Post care may include topical cortisone if you are more sensitive. At the very least you will be in the care of a compassionate health care professional with over 20 years experience. 

All are welcome to this practice.